The solution of bearing feeding powder in ramond mill

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The solution of bearing feeding powder in ramond mill

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Ramond grinding machine is mainly composed of main engine, fan, reducer, analysis machine, grinding roller, grinding ring, scraper, grinding roller assembly, high-pressure grinding device, plum frame, etc. From the structure of ramond mill, it can be seen that the bearing device is the core part of the equipment, the use of grinding roller and the user's operation mode has a certain relationship, but there are often users reflect the phenomenon of bearing into the powder in the mill. Now small make up for everyone to analyze the reasons.
The reasons for the powder entering into the inner bearing of ramond mill can be roughly divided into two situations: one is the lack of lubricating oil or the damage of the sealing ring; Second, the bearing device for a long time lack of maintenance and cleaning.
Bearing feeding powder is generally caused by these two operational problems. First, let's talk about the bearing sealing ring. Sealing ring is generally rubber products, due to the working environment of the ramond mill or by the overload of the operation, will certainly cause damage to the sealing ring. Then the bearing device seal is not tight will cause the grinding room of the material into the bearing, will cause the machine operation is not smooth. If the machine is not stopped in time for maintenance, it is very easy to cause damage to the bearing.
Then there is the chronic lack of maintenance and cleaning of bearings. An overhaul of a ramond mill after a period of use. When wearing parts are seriously worn, they should be replaced in time. Our technicians will tell the users to have regular maintenance when installing the machine to avoid the problem of machine damage.
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