Tips to teach you to extend the life of the mill

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Tips to teach you to extend the life of the mill

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The equipment is not durable? The improper operation of many users of the ultrafine mill will lead to the equipment being not durable. First of all, the grinding machine will inevitably produce small friction and small bumps during the day-to-day production and processing, and at the same time, the production environment of the mill is bad. It is easy to have problems. So what should we do in the face of such a problem? Xiaobian based on the above questions, for everyone to answer. For your reference only.
Correct operation of the mill equipment
1, the boot is normal, in a production line, there must be these types of grinding and crushing equipment, but the characteristics of each machine are not the same, so we can not have the slightest slack in the operation of the ore mill, so this When we are working, we must first test the machine and make the production and processing after ensuring that the equipment is not abnormal, because it is particularly prone to problems when the program is turned.
2. No matter what kind of grinding equipment, it is equipped with the manufacturer's operating instructions. When using the grinding equipment, the worker must be able to operate the equipment with its parameters and material specific requirements, and strictly control the granularity of the feeding. , purity, to avoid the grinding effect is not good, damage to the equipment.
3. In the process of using the equipment to process materials, it is necessary to calculate the fineness of the input materials and the requirements of the outputting number, to avoid excessive intake of materials, resulting in unstable production. There is also the control of the amount of material to be fed, to prevent a large amount of feeding, resulting in excessive wear and tear on the equipment.
4. When the grinding machine completes the processing of a unit, first we must send people to do the cleaning work of the equipment, check the equipment for abnormalities in time, ensure the normal operation of the grinding equipment, and enhance the durability of the equipment. The service life of the milling equipment.
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