grinding opportunity is seriously affected

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grinding opportunity is seriously affected

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Mobile jaw crusher of this kind of mine production equipment, because the working environment is relatively harsh, so it needs to be strictly maintained and repaired during use, in order to ensure its smooth work, in fact, when it is not used, it also needs to be maintained, so that To ensure the longevity of its use, to make it better to contribute to the production line, this article analyzes the problem of how to maintain the mobile jaw crusher after the shutdown.

Need to check after the stop, stop, there is still residual material in the mobile jaw crusher room, if necessary, it needs to be discharged in time, otherwise it will easily cause damage to the parts when starting next time, and if the material If it is corrosive, then the grinding opportunity is seriously affected;

The second point, in the summer, after the shutdown, the mobile jaw crusher needs to be cooled, because the summer temperature is relatively high, and the grinding machine will produce a certain amount of heat when it is produced. If it is not cooled, it will cause Damage to the equipment affects the life of its use;
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