Vertical mill is used in non-metallic mineral processing

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Vertical mill is used in non-metallic mineral processing

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Non-metallic minerals are relative to metal ore, with 91 species, mainly diamond, graphite, crystal, corundum, asbestos, mica, gypsum, fluorite, gemstone, jade, agate, limestone, dolomite, quartzite, ceramics. Soil, refractory clay, marble, granite, salt mine, phosphate rock, etc.
The grinding process of non-metallic ore processing compared to metal ore is advancing and surpassing. With the development of a large number of mineral resources, construction, construction, chemical, mining and other mainstay industry demand for raw material processing. Therefore, the rational processing and utilization of non-metallic mineral resources is a big development trend. Due to the wide variety of non-metallic minerals, the hardness of various materials and the size of the output of the materials, there are strict standards for the requirements of crushing and grinding. Non-metallic mineral processing is the crushing of the ore to a certain extent and then continues to be crushed by the inlet of the vertical roller mill grinding machine. The SBM heavy machine is mainly used for processing powder materials between 18-3250 mesh, and the thickness can be adjusted arbitrarily.
Commonly used equipment mainly includes vertical mills, vertical mills, medium-speed micro-powder mills, high-pressure suspension roller mills, ultra-fine grinding, coarse grinding and many other national standards. In terms of design, process, processing, energy conservation and environmental protection, SBM heavy machine has occupied a very important position in the mining industry in China's non-metallic mineral deep processing. It is also one of the few excellent and practical quality and non-metallic mining processing industries in China. enterprise.
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