Do you know these characteristics of slag vertical grinding?

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Do you know these characteristics of slag vertical grinding?

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The residue of ore after beneficiation or smelting is called slag. In the current shortage of resources, slag is also our treasure. We only need to use slag vertical grinding to process the products we want.
The slag vertical roller mill is a new grinding equipment developed by China for slag. Because it has the characteristics of energy saving and consumption reduction, such equipment can be put into production and use on a large scale in China. Slag Vertical Roller Mill is a relatively advanced large-scale grinding equipment, widely used in cement, electric power, metallurgy, chemical, non-metallic minerals and other industries. It integrates crushing, drying, grinding and grading and conveying. It has high production efficiency and can grind the bulk, granular and powder raw materials into the required powdery materials.
The slag vertical roller mill is a negative pressure wind sweep type grinding equipment. The slag is dried to grind the slag. The slag material enters the center of the grinding disc from the feeding port. The slag grinded by the grinding roller on the grinding disc is divided into two parts. A small part of the high-moisture new slag and most of the ground non-finished slag with lower moisture are guided under the centrifugal force to the underside of the grinding roller. After reducing the blowing, the grinding roller compacts the slag and grinds it. The configured layer force is generated by the self-weight of the grinding roller itself and the pressure of the hydraulic system. The grinding roller rotates by rubbing against the abrasive bed, and the sensor mounted on the rocker arm and the buffer limiter prevent direct contact of the grinding roller with the grinding disc. In normal operation, the grinding roller and the grinding disc are at least 5 mm apart.
Compared with the raw materials of traditional cement plants, the slag has poor abrasiveness and poor abrasiveness. Therefore, the wear problem of slag vertical grinding hinders the development of slag vertical grinding. With the advancement of wear-resistant technology, and the introduction of foreign wear-resistant materials. The problem of wear-resistant materials for slag vertical grinding has been solved. Now the slag vertical roller mill general roll cover is the wear-resistant layer of the outer ring of the casting base material. Although the problem of the wear-resistant material is solved, the thickness range of the wear-resistant layer has always been disputed, and the wear-resistant layer is thick and economically poor. The wear layer is thin and has a low service life. Therefore, rational design of the wear-resistant layer area and thickness of the overlay weld becomes a key issue for surfacing. The slag vertical grinding produced by SBM heavy machine has made unremitting efforts for the successful operation of several equipments from the first trial production to the present. It has been progressing in the test and reasonable determination of such parameters in the test.
The SBM heavy machine was built in 58 years and has a history of 56 years. It has been engaged in R&D and production of vertical roller mills and slag vertical roller mills. If you have any questions, please feel free to consult us. Professional engineers are always available to answer your questions. !
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