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Shanghai SBM new river pebble sand making machine is more en

BeitragVerfasst: Sa 10. Aug 2019, 05:20
von xiaoxiao
Shanghai SBM Heavy Industry's new river pebble sand making machine is a new generation of sand making equipment based on the traditional sand making machine. The sand making machine not only has the advantages of the traditional sand making machine, but also focuses on the efficient and environmentally friendly development of equipment production. So, what are the advantages of choosing Shanghai SBM Heavy Industry's new river pebble sand making machine?
1. The finished grain shape is better: Compared with the traditional sand making equipment, the sandstone after the sand treatment by the new river pebble sanding mechanism is mostly cubic, the shape is good, the gradation is reasonable, the fineness modulus is adjustable, and it is completely Replace natural sand and gravel for use in today's demanding construction sand operations.
2. The sand making efficiency is higher: the optimized and improved deep cavity rotor structure can increase the material throughput by more than 40%, which greatly enhances the sand making capacity of the new river pebble sand making machine;
3, can be more environmentally friendly: the new sand making machine uses a unique airflow self-circulation device inside its vortex chamber, which reduces the amount of air discharged, and can also reduce dust pollution.
4. Longer service life: Compared with other common sand making machine, the unique impact angle design of the new river pebble sand making machine can not only reduce the friction between materials and wear parts, but also effectively extend the river pebble sand. The service life of the equipment.
At the same time, Shanghai SBM Heavy Industry launched a new type of river pebble sand making machine with complete models, which can provide different types of equipment according to customers' needs. If you want to know the river pebble sand making machine, please call Shanghai SBM Heavy Industry, our staff will one by one. Answer you!