installation process of the gear

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installation process of the gear

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Careful installation and maintenance work is an important part of ensuring the normal operation of the gears and reducing wear.

Pay attention to the installation process of the gear:

Ensure that the top clearance, runout, contact, etc. of the large and small gears meet the specified requirements;

Ensure the meshing accuracy of the large and small gears;

The installation also considers the influence of the deflection of the working under the load of the ball mill, calculates the difference between the level of the inlet and outlet, and ensures the meshing accuracy during operation to avoid the eccentric load;

When assembling the pinion gear, the press-in method should be adopted to prevent premature wear due to annealing of the pinion and the hardness of the tooth surface due to hot charging, so that the meshing precision is reduced and the large gear is affected. When the pinion gear wears to the limit, it should be replaced in time to avoid the cause. Excessive meshing clearance results in an impact load;

Manually grinding or shot peening can be performed when changing the pinion to reduce the gear roughness;

After the large gear is worn to the limit, it can be repaired and reused according to the wear condition, which can extend the service life of the gear and save material expenses;

For ordinary gears, large displacement method can be used for repair. For large displacement gears, large pressure angle repair method can be used.

Regular inspections and daily maintenance work are also very important for gear operation. For example, the stability of the injection system and the temperature of the gear meshing surface are regularly checked. For the large gears, the organic solvent can be completely cleaned every two to two years to ensure the system is smooth and flexible. Properly remove the dirt remaining on the tooth surface, thus extending the service life of the large gear.
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