How to choose the crusher equipment that suits you?

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How to choose the crusher equipment that suits you?

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With the rapid development of national infrastructure and industrial construction, the types and models of crushing equipment are also increasing. The increase in the types and models of crushing equipment also allows users to have more choices, and also allows customers to face the situation of not knowing how to choose the right crushing equipment when selecting crushing equipment. So how do you choose a buy stone crusher that meets your own production needs? Take a look at the following three points:
1. Characteristics of stone
The softness, mud content and water content of the stone are very important data. In addition, the equipment should be selected according to the maximum particle size of the stone. If the material is small, it can directly enter the secondary crushing equipment. If the hardness of the broken stone is too large, such as granite, basalt, pebbles and other stones, you can use the jaw crusher or cone crusher to crush; the smaller hardness stone, such as limestone, can use the concrete crushing machines for the second time. broken. Minimize the wear of consumables such as dental plates, which saves production costs and increases production efficiency.
2, the requirements for product quality
The customer's requirements for the granularity and stone shape of the finished product also determine what kind of crushing equipment should be selected. If the size of the crushed sand is different, a screening device is also required for screening. In many projects, if the soil content of sand and gravel is too high, a sand washing machine is needed to add a sand washing process.
3. Use of the finished product
The construction requirements of various national highways, railways, bridges, etc. for sand and gravel aggregates are also different. It is necessary to arrange the stone production equipment according to the configuration of the finished stone of the user. For example, highways, high-speed rails, dams and other projects have higher requirements on stone materials. If such construction uses cracks and sharp corners, the risk of collapse will be increased. The stone material is usually treated with an impact crusher to meet the standards of fine materials.
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