How to solve the problem that the temperature of Raymond mil

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How to solve the problem that the temperature of Raymond mil

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During the Raymond Mill, it is normal for the component to rise in temperature. Because, as the running time of the equipment increases, the friction time between the parts and the materials, between the parts and the parts becomes longer and longer, and it is inevitable that the temperature rises. However, if the temperature of the Raymond mill component is too high, it should be noticed. If the temperature is too high, it will not only reduce the production efficiency of the equipment, but also cause great harm to the Raymond mill. Then, what are the components that are too hot to form too high, and what should the Raymond mill parts be too hot?
1. Raymond mill bearing temperature is too high. Lubrication of the bearing parts has a very large impact on the efficiency and quality of the entire grinding equipment. If we do not properly maintain the bearings, we can not add lubricants in time according to the regulations, or the bearing parts are not tightly sealed, resulting in more grease stains, which will increase the frictional resistance of Raymond mill bearings, resulting in Raymond mill bearing components. Temperature is too high.
In order to prevent the temperature of the Raymond mill bearing from being too high, we must add lubricating oil in time, and ensure the cleanliness of the lubricating oil to prevent contamination of the components by dust and impurities.
2, Raymond grinding roller grinding ring temperature is too high. In the grinding production, the grinding roller grinding ring is a component that is in direct contact with the material, so the friction is large and the damage is easily formed. In view of this situation, we should pay attention to controlling the hardness and particle size of the material to be ground when using Raymond mill to reduce the friction of the grinding ring. After a period of grinding operation, pay attention to stop and rest. If the wear of the parts is serious, it is necessary to replace the new grinding rolls in time.
3, Raymond mill temperature is too high. When the Raymond Mill is in operation, sometimes we unconsciously touch the fan equipment, which in turn causes the wind pressure of the fan to change and cause the motor to heat up. When the fan temperature is too high, it will seriously affect the normal operation of Raymond mill. Therefore, we must avoid this when using Raymond mill.
In order to make Raymond grinding fast and efficient, we need to make adjustments according to the actual situation of the equipment. For example, properly adjust the ventilation of the Raymond grinding chamber, open the ventilation duct of the equipment, and make the Raymond mill indoor airflow and outdoor airflow convective operation, thus avoiding the temperature of the Raymond grinding chamber is too high.
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