Impact crusher 3 big doubt

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Impact crusher 3 big doubt

Beitragvon xiaoxiao » Mi 13. Sep 2017, 04:01

1, the impact crusher why no flywheel?
We know that jaw broken flywheel and sheave, then the role of the flywheel is what? The main role is to balance the weight of the sheave, followed by the storage energy.
Relative to the jaw crusher, the impact crusher transmission (spindle, sheave) installed in the relative position, the body itself has a better stability.
Second, the Impact crusher rotor is very heavy, much larger than the weight of the flywheel, so that a single flywheel on the stability of the machine caused by the impact of small.
Again, the impact crusher does not have idling, does not require flywheel energy storage.
So the impact crusher did not install the flywheel.
2, what is the difference between rigid connection and hinge?
Rigid connection: between two connectors, when a piece of displacement or force, the other connected to the other parts are not relative to the displacement or relative deformation, that is, the two connections as a whole. Rigid connection is welding, bolt connection and other mechanical connections (different from the link), popular point can be said to be welded and mechanical connection.
Arranged: an object A is placed on a part C of another object B. The movement of object A is limited by C, but A can rotate around the plane in C or in space (C is spherical), and objects A and B form a hinge. The type of connection is called articulation.
3, why some of the Impact crusher there are some chains?
Three-chamber Impact crusher no chain, only two cavity large inlet of the European version of the impact crusher, because the two-chamber European version of the impact crusher into the mouth is relatively large, and the two counter on the more reliable, Almost parallel to the inlet, the chain can play a role in preventing the stone bomb, so the type of counter-crusher equipped with a chain.
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