Benefit Analysis of Mobile Construction Crusher

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Benefit Analysis of Mobile Construction Crusher

Beitragvon xiaoxiao » Mo 11. Sep 2017, 05:47

Equipment procurement costs low
In recent years, some places in our country have carried out the research and application of the technology of resource utilization of construction waste. At present, especially the technology of construction waste recycling products has basically matured and got practical application. I introduced the German advanced technology, after years of painstaking experiments and research mobile Construction Waste Crusher equipment, since the market has been on the construction waste waste has a good effect, an average of hundreds of tons of construction waste per hour to be effectively dealt with.
With the development of our company's mobile construction waste treatment technology, gravity launched the domestic technology leading and the price of mobile Construction Waste Crusher equipment (purchase a 100-150T / H, Nissan 80,000 Mian Shaozhao / 8H cost of 300 Million), and actively respond to the implementation of the "People's Republic of China Circular Promotion Law" and other documents called to effectively promote the construction waste recycling.
Low transportation costs
Although the recycling business to see the construction waste is treasure, but also the ability to turn its waste into treasure, but because of the need for enterprises to personally find construction waste, and then transport the construction waste to a fixed brick site, the transport will be in the Virtually increase the cost, so that the original profit on the meager construction waste recycling more difficult. The emergence of mobile Construction Waste Crusher equipment to solve this problem, the mobile construction waste crushing station and other renewable products and equipment, mobile Construction Waste Crusher equipment (mobile processing plant), the processing equipment "to" to the demolition site, Construction site, making it a "mobile processing plant", thereby reducing the multiple loading and unloading, transport of environmental pollution and operating costs, improve the profits of enterprises reused resources.
Low operating costs
The benefits of mobile Construction Waste Crusher equipment are mainly due to the low cost of equipment procurement costs, low cost of raw materials, no high transport costs, national policy support, so mobile Construction Waste Crusher equipment has great economic and social benefits.
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