Breitling Navitimer 1 B01 Chronograph 43 Pan Am Edition FAKE

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Breitling Navitimer 1 B01 Chronograph 43 Pan Am Edition FAKE

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In 1905, best site for replica watches--as the automobile became the vehicle of choice, Leon Breitling patented a simple timepiece/tachometer that could measure anything from 15 to 150 kilometers per hour. Wieters' timers allowed drivers to calculate their speeds, but they also allowed police to calculate their speeds, and soon after Switzerland issued its first speeding ticket. In 1923, Breitling introduced the first independent timing push block, perfecting its timing control system by separating the "start/stop" function controlled by the push block at 2 o 'clock from the "reset to zero" function activated by the crown. Breitling is a Swiss watch brand, specializing in the production of highly reliable professional and aviation watch models. All Breitling watches are made in Switzerland and are made with Swiss parts. Its chronograph meets the highest standards of robustness and functionality, and is equipped with a motion timer certified by the official Swiss timing agency COSC -- the highest benchmark for accuracy and reliability.

As a professional watch technology experts, Breitling in the development process of wrist watch played a crucial role, and in this regard in the leading position. With its rugged, reliable and high-performance instruments, the company shares all the best moments of conquering the skies. As the only major watch brand in the world, all models of Breitling are equipped with precision timer certified movement, which is the ultimate symbol of precision. Breitling is also one of the few independent production of mechanical timing movement of the company, is completely in their own workshop development and manufacturing. The origin of Breitling Watch Company can be traced back to 1884, when Leon Breitling --breitling transocean opened a factory in saint-imier of Bernese Jura in 1884, producing timepieces and timers for industrial and scientific purposes.


Leon Breitling replica breitling watches is a skilled watchmaker whose innovative features for pocket watches have earned the company a formidable reputation in a short time. Leon Breitling focused on timekeeping at a time when there was increasing demand for timekeeping in industrial, military, scientific applications and sports organizations. In 1889, Leon received a patent for a simplified model that set it apart from its competitors with its sleek design, simple manufacturing process and simple maintenance.

can now be added several times in a row without the need to reset the pointer to zero. This feature can be used for sports events, flight times or scientific processes. on the watch.

Gaston breitling died unexpectedly in July 1927. His son, Willy, was 14 at the time, not old enough to succeed his father, so the company was run by an outside team for the next five years. The company survived the Wall Street crash of 1929 and the great depression that followed.Willie breitling took over the company in 1932. When he took the helm, the chronograph was still at the heart of the business. The Breitling series includes more than 40 different models of watches or cockpits.

In 1931, with its reputation for accuracy and reliability, Breitling added a "specialty" product to its product line that made it world famous: the airborne timer used in the cockpit of an airplane. These instruments are essential for safe reading times and flight times, and have all the qualities one would expect from such devices: sturdy construction, precise movement, replica watch sale black dial with large white light Numbers, light, strong aluminum case, and so on.
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