Aluminum zinc steel coil purchase considerations

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Aluminum zinc steel coil purchase considerations

Beitragvon juniperqq » Mi 15. Mai 2019, 09:49

Recently, aluminum zinc steel coil in stock by virtue of its unique advantages by all walks of life, especially in the construction industry.
What aspects should you pay attention to when choosing aluminum zinc steel coil?
1. The purchase of aluminum zinc steel coil to observe the surface whether there are cracks, scars and so on.
2. Observe the aluminum-zinc steel layer.
3. See aluminum zinc steel coil quality certificate and aluminum zinc steel inspection report provided by aluminum zinc steel coil manufacturer.
4. In order to avoid purchasing inferior products, we try our best to go to some factories for on-site inspection.
5. Observe the zinc layer on the surface of aluminum zinc steel coil. The thickness of the zinc layer can be detected by using a zinc meter.
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